Issue 3

April 1, 2008

Happy spring, Muscovites and Pullmantarians and other Palousovics!  And to everyone else, a lukewarm nod.  It’s snowing. 

To celebrate global warming, Gumption Issue 3 was released in early January.  Gumptioneers hopped trains to the frontier hot-spot of Palouse, Washington to celebrate Charlie Sutton’s CD release at the new location of the Green Frog Cafe, which is just down the street from their old location, but bigger, and now with beer.

Gumption is currently available at the Moscow Food Co-op for five increasingly-irrelevant dollars (hey, have ya seen the new five dollar bills?  They’s got pinkpurple fives on ’em!!)  Contents include a fantastic and important story about the reality of life in Haiti by the wonderful Nancy Casey, who spends large chunks of time every year in that impoverished, preyed-upon land; poems by Maria Theresa Maggi, April HeydeJessica Lynch Alfaro, Christopher Rowland, Clark Karoses, James Yeary, Charles Hood, Charles Dickey, and Chris Wall, among others; articles by Clark Karoses, Charles Dagwood, and Amit Sharma; an account of impositions and violations at the border by Sean P. McCoy; surreal, lovely, ultra-hip artwork by Amelia Jurkowska, and artwork and photographs by many other artists and writers!

Gasp.  Deep breath.

All this and more for a mere five imploding dollars!  Money well spent in these interesting times, my friend.


by Jessica Lynch Alfaro
from Gumption Issue 3

His first kiss
A fishhook kiss
That first night
When he thought she was a one-night stand.
Shocked how fast and deep
His tongue in her mouth
He kissed her without touching her lips.

Later she saw the same maneuver
On grand scale
At Sequim’s drive-thru zoo,
A buffalo tongue
Thrust through the crack in her car door window
Black steamy and agile
Curled at the tip
Like his tongue, probing
Greedy for–
Of all things–
Her white Wonder Bread hot dog bun.