The first print issue of Gumption has been kickin’ it for the past two and a half months around the streets of Moscow, Idaho.  A couple of poems and essays were also spotted wandering around Pullman, Washington.  Whispers abound about the release of Issue 2 sometime in April. 

A number of people with Gumption have been speaking their crafty prose, poetic minds, and exercising musical muscle in a series of open mics around Moscow.  The word on the street is that when Issue 2 is born it will be held up to the sun in a ceremony of spoken word and perhaps song at One World Cafe.  We may also rouse our rabbly voices and raise some linguistic fervor at Pullman’s Cafe Moro in April.

We should let those who don’t know know that Gumption is a magazine for people who can read.  If you can’t read, there are some pictures, but then you probably won’t be able to know that because you won’t be able to read this.  Unless of course someone is reading it for you.  Gumption does not mean to make light of illiteracy.  Please come to one of our readings and hear or actively participate in the power of words.

Issue 1 is available at Bookpeople in Moscow as well as the Moscow Food Co-op.  You could also buy directly from the source (some people feel it’s more pure that way).  Leave a comment if you are interested and someone will arrange to hook you up.

The deadline for submitting stuff to Issue 2 has, alas, passed.  Never fear!  Issue 3 will have a totally different deadline sometime in the future.  Stay tuned to this webpage for important updates direct from the source.